Myanmar Kyokushin Karate – Chairman
Maung Maung Myint’s Biography and Karate Activites



-He was born in March 17, 1948 at Yangon in Myanmar.
-He is eldest of 7 siblings.
-He was selected for Badminton, Race, Soccer at his schoolboy life and won manymedals.
-He has got LLB(Law) at Yangon University.


– In 1969, he learned Kyokushin Karate from Master Soe Tint.
(Soe Tint is a Karate Founder for Myanmar in 1957. Master Soe Tint founded Dagon Karate Club in 1962 to make Kyokushin spread through Myanmar.)


– Sensei Maung Maung Myint kept on learning from Master Win Nai at Hikari Karate Dojo in 1970. He has learnt not only Kyokushin Karate Style and Shotokan Karate Style but Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu, Nunchaku, Sai, Menjisai and Kama in Japanese Traditional Martial Art.


– He served as a Branch Chief for Hikari Branch(7) in 1972-73.


– He has founded his Own Karate Dojo named “Heiando” in Hlai Township, Yangon in 1974.
[In the early days of karate, Kyokushin Karate books by Mas Oyama and Karate Do Kyohan book by Gichin Funagoshi were studied though. But, Full contact Fighting was practiced for Kumite(sparing).]


– He has extended his another Branch at Mallamyai in Mon state in 1975.


 Junior Karate Tournament began to be celebrated in that Branch.


– He went to Paen for the purpose of opening up his 2nd Branch of Kayin making strong effort.


– A Hundred Schoolboys were taught at the request of Col. Kyaw Kin Win(Chairman of Socialist Party] for Kayin State at State Stadium in 1978. Training completion event and Exhibition were treated for two days and has got much fundfor State Sports, it was through huge crowd.


– He drew up his own rules and regulations for his Instructors and Students in 1979 besides celebrated (Yangon, Mon, Kayin) State & Division Triangle Karate Championship in Mallamyai, Mon state. Aung Lwin (Yangon), Ko Ko Nai (Mon) and Thein Hlai (Kayin) have got awards.


– On another occasion, State & Division Triangle Karate Championship was heldin Kayin State in 1980 including Breaking(Tameshiwari) and Kendo(Boken). Saw Nilay (Kayin), Myint Thu and Tin Min Tway (Mon) won awards.


– He has got 3rd Dan Black Belt from Grand Master Soe Tint who own Dagon  Karate Dojo at Manaw Hari street, Yangon in 1981.


– He held complete training ceremony which was attended by Col. Kyaw Kin Win and Headmaster Chit Pei at Kayin State Regional College in August 1982.


– He showed his prowess at University Student Karate Exhibition at Yangon University Recreation Center in 1983.

– He moved his Heiando Dojo(Head Quarter) from University Avenue, Kamayut Towsnship to Kimbell Street, Bahan Township.

– He was taught Chofuken Iaido by Mr. Yoshinori Yakabe who was an official of Japanese Embassy in 1983.

– And then he extended his other Branch at 8th Mile in Mayoung Gon, Yangon.


– His far-reaching 10th Anniversary of Exhibition and 8th Karate Tournament and contest were held in 1984. Mr. Yoshinori Yakabe and Goju Ryu karate Sensei Mr. Kimiaki Osuka had part in the exhibition as visiting performers.


–  A Karate contest for Kata and Jiyu Kumite was held at Y.M.C.A hall in Yangon in 1985 according to the W.U.K.O rules which was taught by Mr. Kimiaki Osuka(Goju Ryu).

The Clubss contested were
1.Heiando Karate Club
2.ESSEC Karate Club
3. Fuji Yama Karate Club
4. Tiger Karate Club
5. Samurai Karate Club and
6.Dagon Karate Club.


–  In 1986, Director General Col. Aung Din for Sports and Physical Cultural Departmentmet with all (21) Karate Clubs in Yangon and gave the order to change into Myanmar Clubs Name. Then the Dept have founded Myanmar Karate Do Federation as a part of Judo Federation.


–  The crowded 10th Karate Exhibition and 9th Full Contact Karate Tournament of Paen Branch were celebrated with (Yangon, Kayin and Mon state) contestants at Kayin State Stadium in 1987.

– Karate Prowess Exhibition which was led by Chairman Col. Myint Sway for Myanmar Judo Federation was held with (18) Karate Clubs, (2) Taekwondo Clubs and (1) Kendo Club at Aung San Sports Hall in December for two days.
– At that year, Heiando Karate Dojo(Head Quarter) moved to Judson Church Center at Kamayut Township from Kimbell Street at Bahan Township Yangon.


–  Myanmar Karate Do Federation came out independently in June 12, 1989 under  Supt. Pol Col Hla Myint as a Chairman and Mr. Soe Win as a Secretary. 8 members for Technical Committee was organized with (M.K.F).

Shotoken Karate Committee Members:

– Mr. Soe Win (Ah Lin Yaung Karate Club)
– Mr. Nay Win (Kyar Mann Karate Club)
– Mr. Win Nai (Nay Min Karate Club)
– Mr. Yu Zin (Nyi Nyut Yei Karate Club)

Kyokushin Karate Committee Members:
– Mr. Maung Maung Oo (Myanmar Karate Club)
– Mr. Maung Maung Myint (Gyogyar Ni Karate Club)
– Mr. Min Lwin (Everest Karate Club)
– Mr. Maung Maung Zaw (Ah Myo Thar Karate Club) served.

– And grand master Soe Tint (Dagon Club) and Thaung Dan (United Club) wereelected as the Superiors.

– Myanmar Kyokushin Karate Organization (M.K.K.O) was organized by Four Members above mentioned. Members for (M.K.K.O) are:

– Chairman – Maung Maung Oo (Myanmar Karate Club)
– Vice-Chairman – Maung Maung Myint (Gyogyar Ni Karate Club)
– Secretary – Min Lwin (Everest Karate Club)
– Joint Secretary – Maung Maung Zaw (Ah Myo Thar Karate Club)

– He taught Commandos in Myanmar Army as a Kyokushin Karate in charge ofTraining Course with Full Instructions on Director General Col. Aung Din(Myanmar Sports and Physical Cultural Dept) in 1989.


– Myanmar Karate Do Federation was led by Chairman Col. Myint Lwin and Vice-Chairman Col. Thet Tin in 1990.
– In that year, Kyokushin Karate Tournament was celebrated at National IndoorStadium(1) and Banya Gaung and Win Thu from his dojo won awards. He alsoreserved as a Referee for I.K.O. of Myanmar Karate Do Federation.

– In that year, All Myanmar Karate Championships was celebrated at Bahtoo  Memorial Stadium in Mandalay under Mandalay Sports and Physical Cultural Dept.He was assigned as a referee and Leader of Referee Committee by Myanmar Karate Do Federation. His eldest son Win Thu won a second prize at that match.

– As a Chairman, it was the handover of power from him to police Col. Kin Maung Tun in 1991. In the reign of Police Col., Second National Karate Do Championships was held and Mr. Maung Maung Myint won first I.K.O. Referee Certificate from Chairman.

– And he went to Paen Branch for his Coaches to upgrade course.

– Upon serving as a referee for Second Junior and Novice (I.K.O.) Karate-Do Championships, he has accepted a Certificate of honor from Police Col. Kin Maung Tun in 1992.


– 19th Karate Tournament and Prowess Exhibition was held with his States & Divisions Branches of Six at his Main Dojo (Judson Hall) in 1993.


– Invitation of Kyokushin Karate Tournament was celebrated by Myanmar ArmyKarate-Do Committee at National Indoor Stadium (1) Yangon in 1994 includingSoldiers and Civilians and his eldest son named Win Thu won a second prize for (55)kg Kumite. He has got a Certificate of honor for Referee from Col. Thet Tin.

– It was through that W.U.F. was acknowledged by World Olympic Committee,Shotokan karate is in Olympic Sports and Sosai Mas Oyama (I.K.O) passed away at the same year.


– He has got a Referee Certificate again from Police Col. Kin Maung Tun, being serving as a I.K.O. Referee for Monsoon Karate-Do Championships on 24th September, 1995.

– Myanmar Kyokushin Karate Organization is banned by Myanmar Karate Do Federation (MKF) according to rules of Olympic Charter. Hence there were nomore Kyokushin Karate Tournaments in MKF.

– Myanmar Karate Do Federation assigned him as a Superintendent and Coach of Kayin State for Third National Sports Festival in 1996. At that Kumite contest, his Competitors won first and third prize of all Myanmar championships.


– Once again Myanmar Karate Do Federation assigned him for National Sports Festival in 1997. His Competitors won Second Male Kumite prize and second Female Kumite prize. Director Myint Lwin for Kayin State Sports and Cultural honored him with a Ceremony.

– Grand master Kohshiro M. Tanaka in Shinjuku from Japan arrived at and taught Fuji Ryu Taijutsu to at Aung San Karate-Do hall in 1997.

– On 15th January, 1998, Japan-Myanmar Kyokushin Karate Tournament was held at Badohmar Sports Hall in Yangon by Mr. Takagi (who celebrated 4th AsiaInvitational) and team. His competitors won the respective awards, Nai Nai (4th), Win Thu (5th), Aung Lwin (6th), Saw Ahtee(Best Technique) and 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 8th for Japanese Contestants. He and his winners were selected by Shihan Takagi to study Karate in Hokaido, Japan.

– He sent Mrs. Chiyako Oyama who inherits (I.K.O) Honbu, Japan away on 21st October, 1998. He was invited to Asia Headquarter Calcutta, India by Asia Chairman Shihan Shivaji Ganguly (I.K.O Board Member) under the instruction of Kancho Chiyako Oyama in November 11, 1998.

– He has got Fuji Ryu Taijutsu 1st Dan Black Belt and Certificate from Grand Master Kohshiro M. Tanaka in 2002.


– He has been appointed Myanmar Branch Chief from President-Yoshikazu Matsushima (International Karate Organization Kyokushinkaikan) in March 25th, 2009.

– After that Juniors Full Contact Kyokushin Karate Tournament was celebrated in May.


– The 1st Matsushima Cup Full Contact Kyokushin Karate Tournament for Male and Female was magnificently held according to permitting of President Yoshikazu Matsushima in 2010.


– He celebrated The 2nd Matsushima Cup Kyokushin Karate Tournament in which Senior and Junior Tournaments were classified.


– He celebrated 39th Anniversary of Paying Homage Ceremony, Karate Exhibition and The 3rd Matsushima Cup Kyokushin Karate Tournament on 26th May, 2012 and he himself demonstrated Tameshiwari(Breaking).


– He invited I.K.O President Yoshikazu Matsushima and wife to Myanmar and celebrated The 4th Matsushima Cup Kyokushin Karate Tournament. Kancho Matsushima gave Training Seminar and Upgrading Dan Promotion tests to Senior Instructors.


– He could celebrated  The 5th Matsushima Cup Kyokushin Karate Tournament on 26th May, 2014 annually every May.