1. Every student upon entering or leaving the Dojo, should turn and face the front of the dojo, bow and say “OSU”. This is to acknowledge the dojo and every person within.
2. When late for a class, kneel (formal kneeling position) at the appropriate place, within sight of the instructor facing away from the class. When the instructor indicates it is now safe to join the class, you, stand up, turn to the front, bow and say “OSU” then “Shitsurei Shimasu” (excuse me for disturbing), then quickly join at the rear (regardless of you grade)_ of the class.
3. Do not eat, drink, eat or chew gum in the Dojo.
4.Do not leave the class without asking permission from the instructor. If you must leave your position, walk behind the line you are in to the side and proceed around the back of the class.
5.Always address the instructor and seniors by their proper title (Shihan, Sensei or Sempai). Acknowledge them with a loud “OSU” if they speak to you.
6.Your attitude should be serious, so do not talk or cause disruption during the class.
7. All directions, from the instructor a senior grade in the dojo be obeyed without question.
8. Always move quickly in class when instructed to do something.
9. Do not practice kumite (fighting) unless the instructed tells you to do so.
10.Do not stop if you are having problems keeping up let the instructor know or do your best.
11. During any break do not sit, lie down or lean against the wall.
12.All students should accept the responsibility of keeping the Dojo clean and tidy.
13.Your dogi must be neat clean at all times. When not being used your dogi should be put folded neatly or hung up.
14. Your belt should never be washed, as it represents the spirit of your hard training.
15. Males should never wear t-shirts or other clothing underneath their dogi, it suggests that you will not be training hard and you will need it to keep warm.
16.Keep fingernails and toenails cut short.
17.Do not wear jewellery during training.

The meaning of “OSU”

18. “OSU” comes from the “Oshi shinobu” which means to” persevere while being pushed “it is the most used word in Kyokushin and used in a number of ways but mostly “to acknowledge the situation”. The instructor may ask a question that requires a “yes” you should say “osu” he may also ask a question that required a “no” again you should answer with “osu” , confused, it will become very obvious when you are in a class.
19.OSU is very important in Kyokushin Karate; it signifies respect and determination.